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15 September 2016

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The big bad wolf - or the order of adjectives

13 September 2016

 Mark Forsyth writes in his book, The Elements of Eloquence, adjectives are placed before the noun, strictly in this order:

opinion, size, age, shape, colour, origin, material, purpose, Noun.

He says if you change this sequence, you will sound  like a maniac.

To illustrate this point, Forsyth offers the following example: “a lovely little old rectangular green French silver whittling knife”.

What do you think? Are you aware that subjective adjectives tend to appear further from the noun than concrete ones?

You would say boring French teacher rather than French boring teacher.

Explore it further here

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Booking frenzy happening now

12 September 2016

Hurry and make your bookings for Term 4. With the end of term looming, lots of teachers are making bookings. Get in as soon as you can.

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Teach Philosophy - Improve Naplan Scores

11 September 2016

We loved this article explaining how teaching philosophy is very economical to implement and has immediate impact on students' maths and literacy scores.

It teaches them to think broadly, problem solve and encourages creative approaches. It's called the fourth R - reasoning.

Burunda State High School in Queensland introduced Philosophy programs 5 years ago. In that time, their students' test scores have gone from well below average to above the mean in everything.

In the US, where they have entrance exams to law and other graduate degrees, philosophy majors had the highest scores. Even cooler, US Philosophy graduates have the highest earnings of non STEM graduates* - so those parents who wondered about their kid's employablility need not have been concerned - learning how to think does it every time.

Despite efforts in 2009 to have Philosophy included in the Australian National Curriculum, it hasn't been as yet, but Australian educators who see the benefits are including it.

Read the whole article here

*(STEM is an anagram for Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths)

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In Adelaide? Go to Carclew for holiday fun

9 September 2016

Lots of programs to choose from. Check them out here

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Why we've taken students to Circus Oz for 3 years

9 September 2016

Circus Oz have offered a performance and workshop package for Primary students at their new home in Collingwood since 2014.

We interviewed Anne Chamberlain, of Sandringham Primary, to find out why they keep coming back. Around 90 Yr 1 students see the show and do a workshop. 

Anne: We came back the second year because the feedback from parents was the kids thought it was just the best excursion. For us as teachers, it has everything. It really ticks all the boxes and it's great to take kids on an excursion that we know they'll really love.

SFS: How do you integrate the experience into the curriculum?

Anne: We have a play based unit 3 mornings per week with a circus area and a dramatic play area, so we can incorporate experience from the excursion into that. After we returned, we got out the beam and juggling balls and kids spent lots of time practising. It fits in with Phys Ed, Performing Arts, in fact it fits in with such a lot of areas. We can take it in lots of directions because the kids are excited and engaged.

SFS: What do you think of the facilities there?

Anne: Last year, the excursion was in October and it rained all day. The Circus Oz staff were fantastic in looking after us. It was good to have bus parking there and when you have alot of little kids, it's important there are enough toilets. There were and they were clean.

SFS: Do you use the teachers notes?

Anne: We actually do our own thing. We use the excursion as a jumping off point. We know the kids will love the interaction and dynamism of the show and be inspired to learn new skills.

SFS: Thanks Anne. See Anne talking about last year's show on the SHOWS FOR SCHOOLS Facebook Page

Stay tuned for an interview with Chris Rhyder from Burwood Heights PS, who brought Yr 5 & 6's in 2014 and is bringing the same year levels this year.

Image: School kids doing one of the workshops. We couldn't find a pic of Sandringham kids!!

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Term 3 almost over!

4 September 2016

It's a perfect time to plan for next term, if not next year! Lots on offer on SFS, just put in your parameters and search for the perfect event for your students

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Behind the Banners: How I Unlock Shakespeare

2 September 2016

By Eleanor, Bell Shakespeare Players 2016

We often get asked by students (and teachers) how we keep three shows and so much Shakespeare in our heads! It has had me thinking, how did I learn so much Shakespeare in such a short time and what do I do to demystify Shakespeare’s language and put it into my own voice? 

See Bell Shakespeare's events here

Image Above: Bell Shakespeare Schools Tour Cast 2016 (c) Olivia Wynne


Image Above: Author Eleanor (left) and colleague (c) Olivia Wynne

Read more

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Sing For Good Video Challenge Now Open

1 September 2016

This is a great idea. You can make a new video or submit one you have already. It helps charity and there are cash prizes for schools. Details here

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Get ready for Spring!

29 August 2016

Last few days of winter. Hooray.

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Book Week This Week

22 August 2016

Happy reading one and all.

Enjoy all our fabulous book week shows, too.

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Save your health and the planet- eat pulses

19 August 2016

Pulses are the truly eco friendly way of getting protein and better protecting the planet. And, peoples with the highest lentil consumption have the lowest rates of breast, prostate and colorectal cancers! Bonus.

Get all the facts here.

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