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Merry Xmas Everyone!

25 December 2015

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Uberfication of Work - what it means to teachers

23 December 2015

Teachers on 11 month contracts, academics employed sessionally in 12 week blocks - this is the future ( which is  here but not 100% yet) of the "innovation agenda".  in fact, many middle class salary earners will lose any sense of financial security. How do you buy a house or car under those circumstances? It's being called "the uberfication of work" with everyone being shifted to piecework.

Is Malcom Turnbull's  innovation agenda another way of undermining the middle class? What will that do to our society?

Read this very informative but disturbing artlcle in The Guardian

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Don't Stream Immigrant Children

22 December 2015

A timely report from the OECD shows the gap between children of immigrants and those of their peers, is closing. This is an important finding in the light of all the Syrian children about to enter OECD education systems. They also found that children of immigrants performed better if they were in schools without streaming.

I found it surprising that England, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands have streaming entrenched in their schooling systems. We had that debate in education here many years ago and decided unstreamed classes were best for all. (Ed)

Read the whole article here

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Holidays! Ahhhh

19 December 2015

That's it for schools until 2016. Have a great break everyone!!

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Only a few days to go...

16 December 2015

Hang in there teachers in Vic, WA, ACT and Tas! Lots of planning happening. Bookings for 2016 are really moving. Book your event now to get the dates you want. Enjoy your last day NSW schools!

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Year 12 results today.

15 December 2015

Good luck to all.

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Last week of school!

14 December 2015

The rest of Australia will be joining SA, Qld and NT on Christmas holidays this week. Yippee.

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NT, QLD and SA Finish this week!

8 December 2015

Not long to go now, everyone else finishing next week.

Here's our favourite holiday image. 

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SFS December E news Out Today!

3 December 2015

Last enews for the year. Thanks to all our wonderful subscribers and presenters. Want a copy? Write to us at info@showsfor or simply subscribe here.

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Happy First Day of Summer Everyone!

1 December 2015

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Last day of Spring!

30 November 2015

Enjoy our last day of Spring everyone. Summer tomorrow. Yes!

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What you book with us - so interesting!

20 November 2015

It's so interesting to learn what's happening in schools around Australia by looking at the shows you book. And the range is so diverse.

To give you an idea, yesterday, some of the shows booked were -  HIPPO!HIPPO! - The Musical, Bellydance for Positive Self Image, the  Aussie Christmas Show, Chinese Lion Dance and The Freedom Ride. Wow. What a spectrum both of arts events and events you choose to enhance your curricula. Lucky kids.

Image: Bellydance for Positive Self Image

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