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Pop-up Globe


Catch the Pop Up Globe, built next to the Myer Music Bowl, in this Melbourne season Sept 14 - Nov 12, only.
It may return in 2019, but not in 2018. Don't let your students miss it!

Melbourne audiences will be the first to see a specially commissioned new show, Around The Globe in 60 Minutes! , perfect for schools and families. They experience the triumphs and disasters of the incredible story of the second Globe theatre.

Bring any students as well as students studying Shakespeare, to the unique Pop Up Globe to immerse them in the world of Shakespeare.

Schedule an Around The Globe in 60 Minutes! experience alone, or match it with one of the plays on matinee days.

Or see two of the plays on one day.

The first Globe Theatre stood for 14 years in London, until it was demolished by fire in 1613. The second Globe was rebuilt on it's foundations by Shakespeare and his Company, creating one of the most famous theatres in history.

Company History

Ground-breaking research by Associate Professor Tim Fitzpatrick and Russell Emerson of The University of Sydney, helped in the creation of the world's first full-scale temporary working replica of Shakespeare's theatre, the second Globe.

The audacious Pop Up Globe project was originally planned as a one-off in Auckland in 2016, to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death.

It was such a HUGE success, it was decided to tour the Globe to other cities, so their audiences could experience Shakespeare, presented in his own theatre.

Pop Up Globe founder and artistic director, Dr Miles Gregory commented
"Our audiences are blown away by the immersive experience of seeing Shakespeare performed in the space for which it was written. The relationship between actor and audience, the spectacular space itself, together with the power of Shakespeare's incredible work,means attending plays at Pop Up Globe is totally different from anything you've seen before"

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