Flamenco Fiesta (SA)

Cultural Infusion

Shout, cheer and clap along to the Flamenco guitar, percussion, song and dance! Explore the historical and cultural meaning of Flamenco; a highly intricate art form that portrays both the depths and elation of human emotion.

Participate in the dance, footwork, percussion, Palmas (clapping) and Jaleo (words/shouts of praise to the performers).

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Year Level Suitability

Prep-2 to 10-12

Curriculum area

The Arts - Dance, The Arts - Music, History, Languages , Health And Physical Education


Flamenco, Dance, Spain, Music, Intercultural Understanding, History, Culture.


Dance, Live Music, Workshop


50 minutes


$6 per student (plus GST) with a minimum of 150 students

School Term:
Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, Term 4


Available in South Australia.
Additional travel expenses may apply to regional bookings.

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