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Developing Resilience - Don't protect children from failure.

16 September 2018

Parents and teachers often try to protect children from the consequences of failure, but in doing so, the children don't learn resilience. The old adage is true. We learn from our mistakes.

Here are a few suggested approaches

1. Don't protect children from low-risk natural consequences.

2. Use the experience of failure as a chance to grow and learn.

3. Remind the child that negative emotions come with failure and that's ok.

4. Give praise for effort but don't give inflated, untrue praise.

More details here

Interested in events around Resilience? Check out what's available on SFS here

Image: #GoodEnough, incursion (VIC)

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End of year celebrations

6 September 2018

As always, it pays to book early if you want a performance for a specific day. We have some Christmas themed shows and everyone wants them on the same days! Book now to get your first choice.

Christmas themed shows

Image: Christmas Puppetry Interactive Performance & Workshop

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Favourite show images of 2018

5 September 2018

We have an occasional series celebrating some of our favourite show images, there's so many to choose from.

We love this pic of The Season by Nathan Maynard. Sadly, finished now.

Find the perfect show for your students by using our Search.

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September. The end of Term 3 is near.

3 September 2018

If you're looking for an event to brighten the end of this term or next, please book soon. Many teachers are already planning well ahead and booking for 2019 already.

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Spring at last!!!

1 September 2018

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Melb Uni Law Revue 2018 - Opens tonight!

30 August 2018

Continuing a decades old tradition of launching fabulous comedians, this year's Revue - The Cake. At The Guild Theatre, Melbourne Uni.

Directed by two of last year's stars - Isabelle Knight and Maddy Savage

And should we mention Isabelle worked with our marketing team??

Go here to buy tickets.

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As Scott Morrison thinks, the education sector wonders

26 August 2018

Scott Morrison is putting together a new cabinet over this weekend. The current Education Minister, Simon Birmingham (image left), a moderate, is at risk of losing both his porfolio and position in cabinet.

We'll find out the answer this week and start predicting the Minister's impact on this vital sector.

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Thinking about incursions and excursions for the rest of the year?

23 August 2018

Search the SFS website using any number of filters.

Maybe start with your postcode and the year level of your students and see what's available to you. 

Or if you have a particular theme, but in a keyword into the search.

Lots of ways to find exactly what you want.

Image: Dätiwuy Dreaming, Musica Viva in Schools (ACT)

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Winter Wild Apollo Bay

22 August 2018

For those of you in Victoria, get down to beautiful Apollo Bay this weekend for the second and final Winter Wild Festival weekend.

SFS went to the first weekend - it was world class. Great free events outdoors, music in the pubs and top bands.

This weekend's theme of Birth sees a brilliant feast of local produce Feastiality made even more delectable by cabaret performances on Friday 24th August. It kicks off with a Bouillabaise, from locally caught seafood, being cooked in a cauldron on the foreshore then meanders to the Mech Hall for more delights.

Enjoy a techno and electronic music extravaganza at Moksha - audience will be bussed to a country property.

Or enjoy Outdoor Cinema.

See all here

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Develop children's spatial skills - how and why.

20 August 2018

Good spatial skills are linked to good maths skills which are a better predictor of school success than reading or social-emotional skills.

Ok - so how to encourage good spatial skills in young children?

1. Play with blocks not just for the manipulation of the blocks but also it develops the use of spatial language.

2. Use spatial language eg when asking kids to tidy up, be specific, " put the lego in the box on the toyshelf"

3. Play with jigsaws. Not surprisingly, working out where the pieces go involves alot of rotating and visualisation of how missing pieces might look.

4. Use and create maps. What's more fun than a treasure hunt map? Giving children an idea of how to spatially represented and shown in scale .

5. Encourage children to gesture to show how things move, model objects and point to locations.

Read more here

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Coming soon

16 August 2018

In a perfect programming timing, during Science Week, Black Swan State Theatre Company's SKYLAB opens today and runs to 2 Sept. Details

Near Nowra? Don't miss Circus Oz in Model Citizens at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre. Schools show on Friday 24 August. Details

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National Science Week

15 August 2018

This year National Science Week runs August 11 - 19.

Hope you're having fun with it at school.

Quite a few events on SFS have science themes - though it may be a bit late to book.

Why not plan ahead and book an event for World Space Week (4 - 10 October)? Check out Dreamer in Space. Advertised for primaries, but the show is ageless.

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