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Latest Grants From Carclew

14 June 2018

South Australia's Carclew has just announced the latest recipients of their Development Grants. These are for young early career artists. The $55,000 pot was divided between 11 artists.

The largest grant of nearly $10,000 was to 26 year old Stephanie Jaclyn (pictured below) to make a short film.


The full listing of the grant recipients, their funding and projects is below. So fantastic to see young artists encouraged!

Fi Fraser | funded $1,500
Mentorship with award winning South Australian author Rebekah Clarkson.

Gabrielle Lane | funded $6,525
To present 'Good Mother' at Adelaide Central Gallery at Adelaide Central School of Art.

Taylor Pfeiffer | funded $1,951
Travel for professional development to Nashville and North Carolina.

Liam Roche | funded $5,333
For Neon Tetra to undertake the recording, mixing and mastering of their upcoming EP 'When the Morning Comes Again' (working title).

Becky Hall | funded $6,725
To produce, record and release a debut EP.

Danielle Barrie | funded $5,031
For the research, professional development and creation of new works during a two-week residency at the Bundanon Trust.

Bernadette Klavins | funded $2,353
For the presentation of a body of new sculptural work.

Charlotte Campbell | funded $3,000
To attend the Mediterranean Opera Studio’s six-week intensive summer school.

Patrick Klavins | funded $2,930
Mentorship with acclaimed British actor, director and teacher Gerrard McArthur.

Shane Cook | funded $10,000
To undertake a professional and project development program mentored by local Adelaide professional graffiti artist, Adam Poole.

Stephanie Jaclyn | funded $9,930
To create a short film with the intention of entering it into major film festivals.

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Innovative new music course at Uni of Sunshine Coast

12 June 2018

From the beginning of 2018, USC is offering a new Music major. Led by internationally acclaimed musicians Sean O’Boyle AM (pictured at left) and Suzanne Kompass, the major is for music lovers, performers and producers who want to understand the modern music industry and hone their performance skills. 

The Music major is offered as part of USC's Bachelor of Creative Industries. Most Music courses do not have prerequisites and can be studied as electives.

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Congrats to all those honoured today!

11 June 2018

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Have a great long weekend!

8 June 2018

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Only a few weeks to holidays

4 June 2018

Make the most of these last hard working weeks before the winter break. 

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New month, new season.

1 June 2018

Enjoy winter! Go to the theatre, concerts and exhibitions.

Image: Moliere's The Hypochondriac at Darlinghurst Theatre later this month. Details

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Over 50,000 Australian school children booked into SFS events

24 May 2018

We're pleased to reach this milestone in May, auguring well for another big increase in our users this year. Thanks to all the teachers and companies who use our services. The aim was to make your lives easier and we guess it's working!

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Schools contribute to inequality

23 May 2018

Social and economic inequalities in schools is reflected in NAPLAN results. Schools with children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Year Five are two and a half years behind more advantaged schools in English, two years behind in Maths. By Year Nine, this has grown to four years in reading and numeracy, four and a half years in writing.

It's ironic that social and economic disadvantage is simply increased with schooling. The gap between the highest and lowest performing schools is the third largest in the OECD countries. Only Chile and Turkey have greater inequalities.

The recent report from the Committee for Economic Development in Australia (CEDA) suggests the answer is in socially integrated schools and intervening early if students start to fall behind.

This shameful gap needs to be addressed.

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The fairytale wedding is over but there are other fairytales!

21 May 2018

Enthusiasm for the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry last weekend showed how people love a fairytale. How they can imagine themselves as part of it. Why not harness that capacity and book your students to see a production?

Lots to choose from here.

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Improve Yr 7 attendance rates - finish high school

14 May 2018

The Smith Family have released a study of 30,000 Yr 7 students from low-income families. They've proven the connection between improving Yr 7 attendance rates and finishing high school. 

Learning for Life is a Smith Family program providing resources for students from low-income families numbering more than 38,000 students nationally. These include "a biannual payment, a program co-ordinator who works with the family, and access to a number of other specific programs. These include targeted literacy and numeracy programs, after-school learning clubs, mentoring and career activities, and training in digital and financial literacy for parents or carers."

The students' progress is being monitored through research.

Research into educational approaches is necessary to confirm which policies are best - a novel idea! It is already clear that investment in early childhood education and tutoring of adolescents work. How fantastic to have this research to show it.

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It's never too late to learn a language

12 May 2018

We all felt cheered by this article! Pick a language and off you go. Reserch details here.

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SFS May enews this week

10 May 2018

Like a copy?Just subscribe here. We only send two per term. Perfect!

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