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Feedback on We're Going On A Bear Hunt

30 August 2017

Garry Ginivan Attractions' We're Going On A Bear Hunt has almost finished it's national tour. Thousands of students and families have seen it. Here are a few teacher comments on it:

"It was a fabulous show, and it really made us think about how would could use everyday objects in our dramatic play to symbolise life experiences.  It was very interactive, and there was something for all ages- even the adults! The talent of the performers was outstanding..." C. Caligiore, RCH Early Learning Centre

"The show was absolutely amazing! I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know with young children and am hoping to take our preps to see a live show every year from now on. The children LOVED it.”  J. Rogers, Banyan Fields Primary

“…it was a great success. The children loved how interactive and engaging the show was” S. Robson, Corpus Christie, Glenroy.

"The show was amazing! The kids, and teachers, loved it! It's always a great show when the actors interact with the kids and the kids can join in, and they especially loved the water scene. "A. Elmore, Brimingham Primary

"We LOVED the show!  Thank you so much.  Very clever and creative way to portray the story. The children had a wonderful time...Took the 3 year olds for the first time ever on excursion." G. Cutler, Huntingtower School

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Feedback from you on our shows...

27 August 2017

Congrats to you teachers/librarians/parents who book a show, hoping it will be inspiring. Here's some responses to recent shows by the people who booked them. We're so pleased the shows went well and appreciate the teachers telling us how they went.
Eaglenest Theatre's 2 hour workshop presentation of these two works went very well. Teacher, Mrs Purcell said
" was wonderful, particularly the interactive nature asking the students what they thought, what they remembered.. what i loved was drawing out the literary/academic quality, the theory, that for most of them would not be accessible..." August 2017

The Mad Hatter (Magic Show) - image above
"The Mad Hatter show was excellent and I would highly recommend it to any school.  Tim was excellent and engaged all students from ELP - Year 6. He established a quick rapport with the children and the interactive elements of the show were fantastic. Lots of laughs, thrills and WOWS
."  D.Thomas, Billanook College, August 2017

"We were very happy with the show. The Year 7’s loved it! The message/s in the show were just what we wanted, and they were kept very entertained. The booking process was super easy. Will definitely be keen to book again for our Year 7’s next year."  N. Fode, Assistant Principal, Keysborough College

"The show was enjoyed by all the students and it was great to hear some old Italian songs .....The students ...enjoyed the music and learnt about some Italian instruments. Rosa had everyone up and dancing, and the students were involved in all parts of the incursion. They managed and entertained a large group very well. " C. Fonti, Resurrection Primary School, August 2017

"Big Al and Pancakes had the children in the palms of their hands from the very beginning. They tailored their activities to the children's age group and provided a memorable experience for all of the children. It was an excellent program and we hope to have them back again in two years time. I would recommend this program most highly..." C. Wenzlau, Seaholme PS August, 2017

Il Capitano - Commedia dell'Arte

"The kids loved it and so did the staff. There was so much laughing and enjoyment . We always love your shows." J.Ferguson, Ballan Primary, August 2017

Vive La France

"I am glad to say that the show was very good, the students learned a lot about the French history. The response was a very positive one from students/fellow staff so I will definitely book a similar event through you." E. Agache, Plenty Valley Christian College August 2017

 "C'est si bon was a wonderful experience for all the children and teachers” F. Renaudin, Xavier College

"The whole experience was fantastic! We have never had anything like Kinder Dreaming in our centre so we didn't have unrealistic expectations but all the children were engaged with Tristan and educators thought it was fantastic. Some of my kinder kids are still talking about it this week! " Jodie Rabi, Good Start Early Learning, Horsham

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Planning incursions for special days

26 August 2017

Image: Australia Playhouse's 2017 Primary school show above. The same actors do a secondary school show, in 2017, Great Scott Fizgerald! Gatsby Unleashed. Bookings are open for their 2018 shows now! Get in early.

We're finding schools are increasingly nominating a special day, then trying to book events to have on the day.

That's not the best way to find the best show. At SFS we suggest picking the date first only if you're booking a year in advance, otherwise, why not find the show, get the date and work around that?

Many of our in school touring productions are one team of people touring Australia, so getting into their schedules early is the key to getting the date you want. If you're not early with your booking, please be flexible about the date.

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How you move - what that says about you

22 August 2017

How we identify friend or foe from the way they move seems to be a deeply ingrained survival mechanism. People who move less confidently are more likely to be victimised. People who move aggressively are more likely to be avoided.

The shape of your face sends signals too, especially if you're a man. Men with relatively shorter, wider faces are more likely to be perceived as untrustworthy or aggressive. Fascinating. Read more.

The study of biological motion has increased and seems more relevant in these times of surveillance but for us, awareness of the signals we are sending from the way we move, is useful. Teachers, who are undoubtedly expert on reading body language, are in a position to also help students understand the signals they send.

More detail here.

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Welcome to the Work Week!

21 August 2017

Happy Monday everyone.

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Bombshells at St Michael's

16 August 2017

SFS went along to St Michael's Grammar school this week. Eaglesnest Theatre ran a Workshop on Bombshells with The Penelopiad for Yr 12 Literature students, booked by their teacher, Mrs Anna Purcell (image above). The format was a combination of readings by the three presenters and discussion with the students.

The atmosphere was relaxed and inclusive. The main facilitator, Sally, was excellent in drawing out the students and threads from their comments. 

All seemed very receptive and enjoyed the experience. Teacher, Mrs Purcell said

" was wonderful, particularly the interactive nature asking the students what they thought, what they remembered.. what i loved was drawing out the literary/academic quality, the theory, that for most of them would not be accessible..."

Congrats to Eaglesnest on their fine work and to Anna Purcell for giving her students further perspectives on these texts.


Eaglesnest Theatre presenters from left - Karen, Lauren and Sally with students from St Michael's.

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Science Week this week!

14 August 2017

Enjoy all those experiments and observations -  and shows!

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Remembering the WW1 Battle of Amiens on the 8th of the 8th.

8 August 2017

Sir John Monash led the victorious Australian forces in this battle 99 years ago and it proved the turning point of WW1.

More Than Opera will honour Monash in a massed choral work, composed by Artistic Director, David Kram, at Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne,  on Saturday 9 September. Details here

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Congrats to the Preps

3 August 2017

This week marks One Hundred Days since the Prep/Yr 1 intake started their first year of school. Many schools are now celebrating this milestone. Good idea! Why not book one of our shows now, for next year?

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International Recognition for Dream Puppets

3 August 2017

Image above: Dream Puppets from their primary school production of The Tempest

Congrats to the Dream Puppets Company who participated in the Nanchong Puppetry Festival this year in June. They so impressed that they have been invited back to China in December for the 5th Quanzhou Puppetry Festival.

This is a small incursion company (2 people, Richard Hart and Julia Davis) who perform in schools but whose work is of a great standard. It's marvellous to see their work being recognised and lauded. They are based in Victoria, but will be performing in Sydney in the September school holidays.

Image below - Dream Puppets at the Nanchong festival. Puppet Companies from around the world  were welcomed as competing troupes and were judged on their presentations.    



Image below: The Opening Ceremony in Nanchong



Dream Puppets are currently touring two shows for Primary students. Dreamer in the Deep (image below) and The Tempest.


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Happy August!

1 August 2017

Only one month of winter to go!

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On now/coming soon

31 July 2017

There are some great shows kicking off the second half of the year. Here are a few

Image: Coma Land

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