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6 June 2016

I love deadlines. I love the whoosing noise they make as they go by

Douglas Adams

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Enjoy this last day of Autumn!

31 May 2016

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Circus helps Confidence say Ararat Primary Teachers

30 May 2016

"Circus gives students an opportunity to take risks with what they're doing without fear of failure"  Principal, Ararat PS

Circus Oz is doing another great show this year for primary students in November, in Melbourne. It's 3 Speed Crunch Box full of great feats and a fun story, performed in their very own Spiegletent. You can combine seeing the show with a circus workshop with the circus oz trainers in their amazing training facilities. 

This is the third Circus Oz has been offering a show and workshop package to Primaries - and all who have attended have raved about it.

Impact of circus in Ararat Primary's curriculm

Last year, Ararat Primary came and did both. Circus has been an integral part of the curriculum at the school for a number of years. The principal, Ms Jennifer said

"Circus gives students an opportunity to take risks with what they're doing without fear of failure" she also said, with circus "children know what the next step is, they develop personal goals and the focus is aspiring to do great things"

The Ararat teachers said the confidence that circus skill building gave students was then reflected in their approach to all their learning. 

Teachers go the extra mile

We've met so many dedicated teachers through SFS, but the Ararat teachers were a brilliant example of teachers coming up with a great learning idea, developing a coherent program and devoting the time and energy to get it going and keep it going. We met Christine who initiated the program and her explanation of what they had to do to come to the show says it all.

We couldn't afford a bus, so all the students had to meet us at the train station at 7am, one missed it!...we'll get home by 8.30pm if we're lucky. I hope all the parents are waiting at the station! 

Circus Oz presents 3 Speed Crunch Box and Workshops, at their home in Collingwood from Tuesday 15 NOVEMBER to Friday 18 NOVEMBER. Details here

(image: Students and staff from St Joseph's Mernda getting into a workshop)

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How one kindy incorporated seeing HIPPO into their curriculum

27 May 2016

by Susan Jenner, Stirling East Kinder, South Australia

"This term our kindergarten has a strong literacy focus and we have a ‘focus story’ each week. To tie in with the performance we chose “There’s a hippopotamus on our roof eating cake” as the focus story for the week of the show. We read this and other books in the ‘series’. We also talked about the hippopotamus at the Adelaide Zoo, Brutus, who recently celebrated his 50th birthday. We researched hippos; where they live, what they eat, how heavy/big they are. We also turned one area of our kindy into a jungle, with jungle animal puppets and figurines (and jungle sounds playing in the background)."

I want to go to this Kinder! (Ed)

Image: Author Hazel Edwards, reading to actress Kaisha, who plays the girl, on the HIPPO set

There's A Hippotomus On Our Roof Eating Cake is on a national tour. Check your closest venue here.

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Hippo hits the National

24 May 2016

Image: Danni Kelly from Kensington Primary with some jungle animals

It was a big day yesterday. Some 1800 people, many of them rather small, enjoyed 3 fab performances of HIPPO. Teachers always create activities around a performance. The Teachers Notes explained there's a section in the show where the audience could wear jungle masks. Danni's group of 90 was well prepared!


Image: The audience heads into see Hippo in the gorgeous National Theatre.

There's A Hippopotamus On Our Roof Eating Cake is on tour nationally. Next stop Norwood Concert Hall, Adelaide. Check the tour venues here.

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Quote of the week

24 May 2016

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.” 

Albert Einstein

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Why can we still climb Uluru?

22 May 2016

We all know the local indigenous people don't want anyone climbing the rock. We know they manage the park, how is it then that this option remains a possibility? NT Chief Minister, Adam Giles, fueled the debate last month when he said what a great tourist experience it is. Read this article to understand the compexities involved.

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Quote of the week

22 May 2016

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.” 
― Émile Zola

Make some noise in your world this week!

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The Earth without art is just eh.

20 May 2016

Our quote of the day! Author unknown. Enjoy.

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Will more spending on Education deliver better outcomes?

17 May 2016

A strong argument is that it's not the spending, but where the money is spent that makes a difference. Both parties are promising more spending and there is strong evidence that individuals with more education do better economically, but where is the spending best placed?

This article gives the Asian examples of Korea and China, where less money is spent per capita on education, but the outcomes are better. In these countries, they invest more heavily into teachers. Is it this simple? Read the article here

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Many arts organisations lose funding

14 May 2016

In the devastating results of cutting some $90million from the Australia Council, many of our best small and medium companies have not been funded. Read the article in Arts Hub here, detailing which companies have received and which have lost, in this latest funding round.

Image: MOTH from Arena Theatre Company, a Melbourne based theatre company for young people. Their reputation, established over 50 years, did not save them from Australia Council defunding.

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Inspire your kids through Science!

13 May 2016

SFS had the pleasure of catching Carl Ahlers, aka Professor Bunsen, in full flight at Essendon Primary School recently. So many fab experiments drawn together to illustrate just how the world works.  The Year 3/4 students loved it. The teachers loved it and I learned alot!

Organising teacher Kiran Money (pictured above with the Professor and her class) said it was the best day she'd had this year!

See Professor Bunsen's show detail here. For Secondary and Primary students.

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