CIAO Italy! - A Celebration of Immigration 2021

EPR Productions


"It was amazing"
Steele Anderson, St Finbar's, East Brighton

“..Emilio is energetic, funny & very personable, & all at our School that have had the pleasure of being involved in his sessions have loved every minute .. I cannot recommend Emilio highly enough!”

Peter Russo, Firbank Grammar School

An EPR Productions presentation available again in 2021.

Based on the touring show of CIAO!

Teachers Demand
The touring CIAO show has sparked teachers demand on providing an incursion program based on this popular true story! It has finally arrived! The program covers various elements including Knowledge, skills, concepts highlighting intercultural understanding

Introductory offer!
Take advantage of the current low $ per student introductory offer of this unique quality presentation

This presentation highlights an entertaining depiction of immigration which will keep students occupied and engaged throughout the performance
A fun, educational and interactive activity, where an immigrant shares his story with objects from his suitcase - celebrating culture and its influence on the Australian way of life including food! - triggering discussion around obstacles he faced in a new country, highlighting cultural differences in all formats. A great Multicultural Experience

Options - The show comes with 2 options
Option 1- One facilitator (50-60 minutes includes Q&A time). Can be modified to suit. Performance space is flexible, please contact. The pricing stated on this profile is for option 1

Option 2 - Smaller version of the touring show with 3 performers (50 - 90 minutes includes Q&A time). This is a performance based presentation with interaction with the students throughout. The show is flexible as it can be modified for a 50 minute performance or a 90 minute performance. Minimum performance space of 5m depth and 6m width with side access is preferable. Please contact for pricing

These options offers participants to explore the history of immigration, Italian culture in such a unique and interactive way.

Both options come with an energising workshop package which allows students to witness and participate in cultural education including fun traditional folklore dance workshops. An Italian experience with Italian music, Italian dance, Italian songs in a unique Italian show!!

Show Details
All AV equipment is provided

The show encourages active participation and engagement using various interactive activities

Details of the program can be forwarded prior to the performance

A great addition to Cultural Diversity week, Harmony Day or any other world or multicultural event.

CIAO Show is currently touring Victoria and many of the patrons have been children who love the interactive dance and comedy that highlight the presentation

In addition, the program can also run in conjunction with the touring show CIAO, participants will then have the opportunity to perform their learnings in the workshops in the live show CIAO!

The show can tour all states

Please see other dance work shops activities & programs including OLE! Latin Dance Workshops & Zumba

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More Reviews

"..The children were continuing to dance around the playground at recess One boy commented: that was the best Italian lesson ever .....!!"
Pierina schiavello, St Margaret Marys PS

"During LOTE week this year, the year 7’s and 8’s experienced both Indonesian and Italian performances. Personally we loved the Italian one as it was full of humour, but we also learnt how to say words in Italian ..we hope to see him soon!!"
Dimitra and Ari (Students from Marian College)

"We think the Italian performer, Emilio, was an excellent performer. He showed us the story about his father and how the Italian immigrated to Australia. We gained a clear understanding of the hardships they had to go through and the culture of Italy.
Lina & Taran (Students from Marian College)

"Thanks for your performance today. You presented the topic 'Immigration' in an amusing way that kept them engaged. When l asked the students why they enjoyed the performance they said that it was great the way you included them.
Carmel Serruto, St Bernards PS Coburg

Show Details



Year Level Suitability

Prep-2 to 7-9

Curriculum area

The Arts - Dance, The Arts - Drama, The Arts - Visual Arts, English, History, Languages , Health And Physical Education


Italian Culture, Participation, Interactive, Intercultural, Australian History, Multi-Culturalism, Culture, Italy, Italian, Migration, Immigration, History, Educational, Dance, Tarantella, Folk Dancing, Dancing, Harmony Day, Cultural, Diversity, Language


Comedy, Dance, Exhibition, Visual Arts, Workshop


50 minutes performance and workshops (can be modified to run 25min to 120 minutes)


OPTION 1: 50 minutes - $4.95 per student (minimum 100 students. Based on 1 Instructor/facilitator) Based on 1 Instructor/facilitator) Negotiable for smaller schools OPTION 2 - Ciao Show with 3 Performers (please contact)

School Term:
Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, Term 4


Please note: The standard artist fee includes up to 30km within Melbourne CBD. For distances more then 30km from Melbourne CBD incurs additional travel cost.

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