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Sad to see so many fantastic shows finishing!

21 September 2015

Term 3 had some real crackers - from GGA's Stripey- the eggscellent adventures of an emu chick which toured the east coast, the premiere of Barking Gecko and Opera Australia's The Rabbits (which Melbourne people can catch in the Melbourne Festival), cdp's The 26-Storey Tree House all the book show incursions...the list was amazing.

Hurry, catch Bakehouse's The Audition in Adelaide.

Term 4 has plenty on offer too. WA can look forward to AWESOME International Festival for Bright Young Things, The 52-Storey Treehouse premieres in Sydney, catch Circus Oz's CURIOSITY in Melbourne..Lots more on SFS. Search now!

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Last day of term for QLD, NSW & VIC schools!

18 September 2015

Have a great break!

Hang in there everyone else - only a week to go.

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SFS Subscriber Giveaway - Tix to 1984

17 September 2015

Congrats to Angie Bedford who got in first for our giveaway. She chose to see 1984 in the Melbourne Festival (who wouldn't??). Thanks heaps to the Melbourne Festival for the tickets. Our giveaways are unusual in that the winner choses what they'd like to see from the huge array on Shows For Schools. Our presenters are generally happy to oblige.

We really appreciate the Melbourne Festival coming through for us. Seats are in high demand. If you haven't booked yet, get onto it! Go here to see what's on offer in this year's fab festival.

Want some free tickets yourself??? Well, subscribe to SFS here!

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Will the Arts and Education be better off under Turnbull?

15 September 2015

Let's hope so.

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Last week of term for QLD, NSW & VIC

14 September 2015

Nearly time to put your feet up and chill. Another week for the other states and territories.

Hurry - book your shows for next term. Some teachers are already booking for 2016!

Go here to search

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SFS Vic enews out now!

11 September 2015

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Vic teachers - inspire your kids in Term 4. Go to the Circus!

11 September 2015

Circus Oz has the wonderful CURIOSITY playing in their very own Speigeltent October 20 - 23. Your students can also do a fab circus skills workshop with the Circus Oz trainers too. It's a fantastic experience.

Details here

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Independent artist tells Senate enquiry why NPEA is a bad idea

9 September 2015

The Senate enquiry into arts funding has met with groups around Australia as a result of the setting up of the new National Program for Excellence in the Arts in the last budget. This took $104.7 million in funding from the Australia Council.

The group most affected are independent artists - that is, artists not in companies funded through government. Watch independent artist, David Pledger, suberbly express the problem with the whole notion of this NPEA and it's limited view.

"NPEA will get a program that guts the Australian arts because it excludes the independent voices that define us.." Watch his impressive response to the enquiry here

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Motivating children without reward or punishment

7 September 2015

Came across this interesting article saying that the ideal is to motivate children intrinsically rather than by reward or punishment ( extrinisically). Essentially it's about giving children (people) some control which leads to feeling happy.

Apparently happy people are more likely to behave. There are a few strategies suggested, too. Have a read here

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Talented Vic Music Students Need Apply

2 September 2015

Applications for the Margaret Schofield Memorial Scholarship are up on the Victorian College of the Arts  website. The scholarships are for students from Government schools who gain places to study Music at tertiary level at the VCAA.  There are two scholarships ($5000 each), one for students wishing to continue Performance studies and the other for those intent on following a Composition pathway. The deadline for applications is Friday 6 November.

 Go here for details.

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End of term beckoning!

31 August 2015

Only weeks to go before Term 3 finishes! Now's the time to make sure you can book the right event for Term 4. New shows being added daily.

It is amazing how many teachers make bookings with us over the weekends. Don't you ever stop thinking about work??

That's why we're here - to make your life easier! Happy Searching

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Attitudes to Learning Disabilities Mired in Past

28 August 2015

In the UK, over 1.4million children and adults have a learning disability. Research suggests general societal attitudes in the UK are negative towards them and uninformed as to what a learning disability means (Mencap 2008).

3 ways to change attitudes are suggested in this article in The Conversation

Image: Gavin Harding MBE was elected as Selby’s mayor, Britain’s first mayor with a learning disability. Anthony Devlin/PA Archive

Read more

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